We dive into this week’s topic of discussion: Budget 101 with our guest Finance Director Mark Milne.

Municipal budgets can be complex, but our award winning Director of Finance gives a quick and fun math lesson the role budgets play for a community , what are elected and appointed officials role in establishing balanced budgets, what the difference is between capital and operating budgets, when are budgets built/crafted and the major cost drivers and revenues.

Mark has been the Director of Finance for the Town of Barnstable for the past 25 years. Prior to his career in public finance he spent several years working in the public accounting profession and is a licensed CPA in the Commonwealth of MA. While in Barnstable, Mark spearheaded the consolidation of the financial operations between the town and school departments; a unique relationship that he is often requested to present on to professional organizations across New England. Mark is also the immediate Past President of the New England States Government Finance Officers Association, an organization of public finance professional throughout New England, that facilitate discussion, analysis and solutions on issues facing local governments, as well as promoting continuing educational programs for public finance officials and employees.

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