16: Arts & Culture

Join us this week as we invite Arts & Culture Coordinator Melissa Chartrand who will be talking about all the creative and “Artful” programs made available through the Arts & Culture program; contributing towards our...

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15: Asset Management

Join us this week when we invite Director of Asset Management David Anthony in to talk to us about: What is Asset management? What areas does it serve? And, how the program works towards connecting the community’s past, and...

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14: Sandy Neck

Join us this week when we invite Sandy Neck Park Manager Nina Coleman and Sandy Neck Operations Supervisor Donna Bragg to talk about Sandy Neck: What is Sandy Neck, where is it? Why is it important and unique? and What...

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13: DPW 101

Join us this week as we invite Director of Public Works Dan Santos for part of our 101 series… to discuss the inner and outer workings of Public Works: The scope of services provided by Public Works; Small and large scaled...

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Join us this week as we invite MEA Shellfish Biologist Liz Lewis and Senior Natural Resource Officer Amy Croteau to come talk to us about a topic Barnstable is known globally for: Shellfishing · What types of shellfish are in...

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Assessing 101

Join us this week as we invite Town Assessor Lane Partridge to talk about the ins and outs of Property Assessments: How and why properties are assessed – the value of valuations; Learn about Exemptions; and, Important...

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9: Town Government

Join us this week as Ann Quirk comes back into the studio along with our co-host Communications Director Lynne Poyant as we do a dive into “Barnstable Town Government”: A cliffnotes history lesson of our municipal government;...

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