Vineyard Wind anticipated road work mapContinued municipal sewer construction and Vineyard Wind duct bank construction will require the necessary, temporary road closures and detours.

The following traffic pattern modifications are anticipated for Monday, April 3 through Friday, April 7, 2023:

Travel from Route 132 to Route 28

via Shootflying Hill Road

  • Turn onto Shootflying Hill Road
  • Turn left onto Old Stage Road
  • Turn left onto Route 28 towards Phinney’s Lane

via Old Strawberry Hill Road

  • Turn onto Old Strawberry Hill Road (Access only for southeast travel on Route 132)
  • Follow Old Strawberry Hill Road straight to Route 28 (the intersection of Old Strawberry Hill Road and Phinney’s Lane is open for travel)

Travel from Route 28 to Route 132

via Old Stage Road

  • Turn onto Old Stage Road
  • Option A (Route 6 access): Continue to follow Old Stage Road to Route 6
  • Turn right onto Shootflying Hill Road, continue to follow to Route 132

Via Old Strawberry Hill Road

  • Turn onto Old Strawberry Hill Road, continue to follow to Route 132
  • Option A (Route 6 access): Turn right onto Route 132, then u-turn at Phinney’s Lane towards Route 132.

Detour Rt 28 and Phinney's LN*Please note: The intersection of Strawberry Hill Road and Route 28 is open and free for travel. All closed roadways always remain accessible to local residents, local business, buses and emergency traffic.

We understand that changing traffic patterns and moving work zones can be frustrating. Please be patient as construction plans and crew locations are fluid and weather dependent. The best way to stay informed on changing traffic patterns is by reviewing real-time road closures and detours via the Waze App or directly on browser-based Waze Live Map located at:

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