Town of Barnstable Housing Production Plan Snapshot

The Town of Barnstable has released an updated draft of the Housing Production Plan for public review and comment. The Housing Production Plan (HPP) is a proactive plan that identifies our housing needs and outlines goals and strategies to increase the number of affordable housing units in our community and increase housing attainability for our residents.  This HPP establishes a strategic plan for production and preservation of affordable and mixed-income housing that is based on a comprehensive housing needs assessment and provides a detailed analysis of development constraints.  The Town seeks public feedback on this strategic plan to ensure the actions identified are appropriate for Barnstable.

This HPP is being prepared in accordance with the Massachusetts Executive Office of Housing and Livable Community’s (EOHLC) requirements.  It updates the Housing Production Plan and Housing Needs Assessment that were completed in 2016.

The draft was written with the feedback and support of the community and has been updated to reflect the latest available data and new state-level initiatives.  Public comments will be gathered, posted, and made available to reviewers.  The draft plan will be presented to the Planning Board on June 24, 2024. The plan will then proceed to the Town Council ‘Committee to Assess and Recommend Strategies for Housing Creation Within the Town’ and the Town Council for final adoption.

The public is invited to review the draft plan on the project website:  There is also a snapshot of the plan available, which includes its goals and strategies.  Comments can be left directly on the website, written and mailed to Town Hall at 367 Main Street, Hyannis (ATTN: Planning Department), or e-mailed to  The public is invited to participate in this process through plan adoption, but initial comments on the draft plan are welcomed through Friday, June 14.

For any questions regarding this project, please contact Elizabeth Jenkins, Director of Planning & Development, at or 508-862-4678.