The August 5, 2021 Town Council Meeting of the Barnstable Town Council was conducted remotely and physically closed to the public.  Alternative public access was provided through Zoom.  Town Council President Matt Levesque opened the meeting by inviting Town Councilor Tracy Shaughnessy to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.  President Levesque offered the Moment of Silence in honor of Former Town Council President Royden Richardson (see article above).  Next up was Public Comment and Council Response to Public Comment.  

This was followed by the Commander’s update on Joint Base Cape Cod activities with Colonel Sean Riley, Commander ANG 102d; Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Sheehan, Commander Space Force 6SWS; Captain Robert Potter, Commanding Officer CG ASCC; Captain Sean Hannigan, Commanding Officer CG BCC;  Colonel Matthew Porter, Commander ARNG Camp Edwards; and Rose Forbes, JBCC IRP Program Manager.  Town Manager Mark Ells presented his Town Manager Communications for period July 16, 2021 thru August 5, 2021:

  1. Elizabeth Jenkins, Director of Planning and Development, will provide an update on the Community Meeting held on Monday August 2, 2021 regarding the Proposed Zoning Revisions in Downtown Hyannis.
  2. Elizabeth Jenkins, Director of Planning and Development, will provide an update on the Local Comprehensive Plan (LCP) Request for Proposal for Consultant Service in support of the LCP.
  3. The Executive Director of the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC) called to inform us that they are creating a small working group to discuss the various aspects and governance associated with the expansion of Restaurants to outdoors.  The Town of Barnstable was asked to participate due to the good work accomplished on Hyannis Main Street in this regard.  Elizabeth Hartsgrove, Director of Licensing, will participate on this working group.
  4. On July 20, 2021 I testified before the PFAS Interagency Task Force as a municipality that is currently addressing the issue of PFAS chemicals in our water resources.  This task force has a mission to review and investigate water and ground contamination of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) across the Commonwealth and to recommend strategies for remediation, education, and mitigation of public health concerns and environmental impacts.  My testimony illustrated the specific challenges Barnstable faces with regards to the presence of PFAS chemicals.  More broadly the Task Force listened to each community’s perspective on the extent of PFAS chemicals in water resources and drinking water supplies, how we are addressing these challenges, and any thoughts on what additional state support or resourcing are needed.  Attached is the testimony provided to the task force.
  5. People of Action, the Barnstable Police Department and the Town of Barnstable are proud to announce the 5th Annual Barnstable Unity Day Celebration on the Hyannis Village Green on Friday, August 6, 2021, from 4:00-7:00 PM. The event is intended to welcome and engage the community and local police together in a fun, inclusive, and memorable celebration. Come show everyone that Barnstable is a special and unique place with strong and caring community bonds. We are excited that the Breakaway X-GRILL will be on hand again this year to cook up burgers and hot dogs. The event is free and open to all and will include food (and ice-cream!), music, dancing, and fun activities for all ages. Please bring your own chairs and blankets and join us for a beautiful summer evening on the Hyannis Village Green.  After last year’s hiatus due to the pandemic, we are looking forward to reintroducing this important event.
  6. We continue to have regular conversations with Vineyard Wind (VW) regarding the status of the Phase I and Phase II VW Projects.  VW continues to work with Barnstable staff regarding both Phase I & II of the project.  They have commenced construction on Phase I and are proceeding with permitting on Phase II.  We have awarded the construction contract for the installation of sewers along the Phase I VW cable route and expect physical construction to commence this fall of 2021.  We have continued our discussion with Vineyard Wind regarding an update to the existing Host Community Agreement (HCA) for Phase II and Phase III.  I plan to bring forward a resolve authorizing the Town Manager to finalize negotiations and enter into a modified HCA with Vineyard Wind at the August 19, 2021 Town Council meeting.
  7. The Cape Cod Commission is hosting the seventh annual One Cape Summit on August 23rd and 24th at the Wequassett Resort in Harwich.  This year’s event will include options for in-person or virtual participation.  One Cape will focus on the critical challenges of water quality, climate change, and housing.  Over the course of two days, sessions will cover strategies to address marine and freshwater quality, work to mitigate and adapt to climate-related impacts in the region, local and regional strategies to support housing needs, and building resilience within our natural, built, and community systems in a post-COVID economy.
  8. The Town of Barnstable has initiated a Ponds and Lakes Monitoring and Management Plan in an effort to remedy issues that inhibit the use of our freshwater resources such as excessive nutrients, low dissolved oxygen, cyanobacteria, and invasive species.   Our three-step approach is as follows:

Step 1: The Monitoring phase that includes monitoring for water quality, dissolved oxygen conditions, phytoplankton composition (including cyanobacteria), rooted vegetation survey, mussel survey, stormwater and stream inputs and output monitoring (when applicable), and sediment core collection to determine nutrient regeneration from the sediments. The information is analyzed in conjunction with a watershed assessment, which provides the groundwater related inputs to the pond.

Step 2: Development of a Pond Management Plan Report is done by using the data collected in Step 1.  The key components of this report includes: if the pond is impaired due to phosphorus and/or nitrogen loading; which nutrient sources are contributing the impairment; and a list of management scenarios that could be implemented to reduce nutrient inputs and improve water quality conditions. Scenarios often include options that can be taken within the watershed (sewers, advanced Integrated Alternative (IA) systems, storm water reduction, etc.) and within the pond (aeration, alum, dredging, etc.) solutions to reduce nutrient inputs and improve water quality.

Step 3: Implementation occurs once the management plan is complete and has been presented to Town stakeholders to decide which solution(s) will be implemented to improve pond water quality.  Preferred/recommended implementation solutions will be presented to Town Council for capital appropriations and operational programming.

Pond Prioritization:  The draft prioritization list has been developed by members of DPW, Conservation, Health, and Marine & Environmental Affairs using a set of criteria based on water quality history, cyanobacteria history, level of recreational opportunities (how much our public interacts with a particular pond), etc. to quantify how ponds should be prioritized for management plan development. This prioritization list is a living document which will be updated annually based upon changing conditions and the most recent data.  We will keep you advised of our progress on this program.

  1. Town Manager will provide an update on Armory renovations project.  Presentation attached.

Mr. Ells was joined by Finance Director Mark Milne for a discussion about Available Options for General Fund Contribution for the Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan.  OLD BUSINESS began with Town Attorney Karen Nober presenting Agenda Item 2022-002 Supplemental Appropriation Order in the amount of $15,000 for the purpose of paying operating expenses of the Legal Department for the services of the law firm of Anderson & Kreiger which is serving as outside counsel to the Town with respect to two lawsuits filed against the Town by the Conservation Law Foundation which was approved.  NEW BUSINESS began with DPW Director Dan Santos presenting Agenda Item 2022-008 Transfer Order in the amount of $362,885.47 from Town Council Appropriation and Loan Order 2020-106 to Town Council Appropriation and Loan Order 2017-069 for the purpose of funding the Town Hall restroom renovations which was approved.  Town Councilor Jessica Rapp Grassetti presented first readings of Agenda Item 2022-009 Appointments to a Board/Committee/Commission: Comprehensive Financial Advisory Board; Golf Committee; Planning Board; and Youth Commission and Agenda Item 2022-010 Reappointments to a Board/Committee/Commission: Old King’s Highway Historic District Commission which were referred to Second Readings on August 19, 2021.  Agenda Item 2022-011 Appropriation and Transfer Order in the amount of $2.5 million in Community Preservation Funds to increase the number and availability of community housing units in the Town of Barnstable was referred to a Public Hearing on August 19, 2021. Town Attorney Karen Nober presented Agenda Item 2022-012 Ratification of the Town Council President’s appointments to the Appointments Committee of the Town Council which was approved.  The next Barnstable Town Council Meeting will be held on Thursday, August 19, 2021 at 7:00 PM via Zoom. The meeting Agenda will be available on the Town of Barnstable’s website (