The Hyannis Water Board, at their August 16, 2022 regularly scheduled Public Meeting, has determined that a potential for a water shortage exists due to the level 2 drought declaration for the Cape Cod Region by the State of Massachusetts, and to ensure compliance with the Water Management Act.

The declaration of a State of Water Supply Conservation by the Hyannis Water Board is appropriate to ensure an adequate supply of water for drinking and fire protection is available.

The following restrictions limiting nonessential outdoor water use by water users are necessary to control the volume of water pumped each day:

  1. Odd / Even Day Outdoor Watering (by hand only):

Outdoor watering by water users with odd numbered addresses is restricted to odd numbered days. Outdoor watering by water users with even numbered addresses is restricted to even numbered days. Commercial, condominium and other multiple properties held under common ownership or management may, by written request of the property owner, be assigned an odd or even designation by the Water Supply Division.

  1. Outdoor Watering Hours (by hand only):

Outdoor watering by hand is permitted only from 5.00 PM to 7.00 AM.

  1. Washing of vehicles:

Washing of vehicles other than by means of a commercial car wash, except as may be necessary for operator safety.

  1. Filling swimming pools:

Filling of swimming pools is prohibited

  • Please be aware of advance weather forecasts, and adjust your watering schedule accordingly.
  • Water conservation kits; showerheads, faucet aerators and replacement toilet tank flappers are available at no charge.  

The Hyannis Water Board will terminate the water use restrictions on nonessential outdoor water use when the condition requiring the State of Water Supply Conservation no longer exist. 

Please call the Hyannis Water System at (508) 775-0063 with any questions.

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