1. Elizabeth Jenkins, Director of Planning & Development, will provide an update on Downtown Hyannis Zoning.
  2. Our public beaches officially opened for the summer season on June 26th, with the hot temperatures over the past week seeing many residents and visitors flock to our beaches and ponds. Unfortunately, Barnstable has not been immune to the lifeguard shortages that have impacted many coastal communities throughout the nation. As a result, we currently do not have lifeguards on duty at Hamblin’s Pond and Lake Wequaquet.  To date the Recreation Division has issued over 20,000 beach parking permits, marking the most permits we have ever sold prior to the 4th of July weekend, so we expect this to be an extraordinarily busy season.  We will continue to have Beach Safety Officers patrolling our beaches to ensure a safe and positive experience for all beachgoers. Our online permitting programming has worked very well for us this year and we will continue to explore efficiencies in our permitting procedures as we move forward.  Online payment receipts can be used to gain access to the beaches for 14 days, allowing time for the permit to be processed and mailed to the applicant. For those uncomfortable or unable to use the online program, beach parking permits are also available via mail and drop-box. We have instituted an additional safety procedure at our beaches that during high wind situations the use of umbrellas and tents will be suspended until such time as the winds subside.  Our prior procedure stated that “All umbrellas must be secured properly and may not obstruct the lifeguard’s view of the water”.  This safety procedure has been established on a daily basis depending on the weather much like the no floatation devises prohibition when there is an offshore breeze. I want to say thank you to all our aquatic and beach permit staff for their efforts and to the public for their continued patience and understanding as we adapt to new policies and procedures.
  3. This year’s Summer Leisure program will kick-off on July 5th with 215 local children participating over the next 7 weeks. Our staff has planned a fun, safe and engaging calendar of activities this summer.  Our staff is especially excited to be able to reintroduce weekly trips to the beach and field trips, making for a memorable summer for our youth.
  4. The Olde Barnstable and Hyannis Golf Courses continue to see strong and steady play this season. Illustrating the growing popularity of golf this year, our Golf Division has issued 1,177 annual passes to date, representing 1,296 individual players when accounting for family memberships, which is an all-time high.
  5. As a reminder, the Town of Barnstable will celebrate Independence Day with fireworks (weather permitting with an alternate date of Saturday, September 4th of Labor Day weekend) and a day-long celebration on Hyannis Main Street.  Barnstable is working in collaboration with community partners to host a celebration on Sunday, July 4th on the Village Green, Main Street, and Hyannis Harbor.  There will be family-oriented entertainment all day including entertainers, the roaming railroad, DJs, bands and other live music.  We are not planning on a Main Street parade though many of our villages are planning parades.
  6. At our last Town Council meeting I was asked to discuss use of the Town athletic fields that fall under the oversights of our public schools.  Specifically, the new field at Barnstable High School.  The Superintendent reports that use by teams other than Barnstable Public School teams will be allowed beginning in the summer of 2022.  The new Barnstable High School baseball field will be available for rental by community organizations in July 2022. Organizations may submit a Facility Rental Application now to begin the permitting process. Please click the links for information and application.

If you have any questions, please contact Katri Mullaly, Facilities Booking Coordinator, at 508-790-6490 ext. 1029 or mullaly_katri@mybps.us

  1. The Conservation Law Foundation has filed two complaints against the Town of Barnstable.  Later this evening the Town Council will discuss strategy in executive session relative to the lawsuits filed against the Town, one regarding claims under the Federal Clean Water Act and the other regarding claims relating to the Massachusetts Title 5 septic regulations.
  2. Work is progressing on the Town’s Local Comprehensive Plan.  Procurement staff is finalizing the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the first phase of consultant work involving data collection and community visioning.  The RFP will officially post on July 12th with the responses due on August 2nd.  Planning & Development staff continues to work on background, history, and existing conditions reports to give the community access to the objectives and results of past planning efforts.  These efforts are being conducted in conformance with the Cape Cod Commission’s local comprehensive plan guidance and regulations https://www.capecodcommission.org/resource-library/file/?url=/dept/commission/team/Website_Resources/regulatory/LCP Guidance Document.pdf, with the goal of having the plan certified by the Commission upon completion.  Commencing in August and monthly thereafter Elizabeth Jenkins, Director of Planning and Development, will provide an update on our progress on the Local Comprehensive Plan.
  3. On May 20, 2021 the Town Council held a public hearing on a proposed Sewer Assessment Ordinance as part of the fiscal policy under consideration by Town Council to establish how to equitably distribute the costs of the Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan.  The modified draft of the proposed Sewer Assessment Ordinance was posted on the Town web site https://www.townofbarnstable.us/Departments/TownManager/ and provided to Town Council on June 14, 2021 in anticipation of this evening’s hearing regarding the proposed ordinance.  The initial Town Manager’s proposal to Town Council back in October 2020 involved a two-step approach to the proposed fiscal policy under consideration:
  • First, review and approve the proposed Sewer Assessment Ordinance which includes a sewer assessment to each individual property receiving the planned sewer; and
  • Second discuss the use of general funds to pay for the remaining portion of cost associated with proceeding with the CWMP.

We have a scheduled workshop with Town Council on August 5, 2021 to engage in the second part of the proposed fiscal policy discussion which focuses on use of general funds to address any remaining costs beyond those covers by existing revenue sources.

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