The Town of Barnstable virtually celebrated its Years of Service for 18 Retirees and 70 Employees on Friday, December 17, 2021 with Town Manager Mark Ells and Town Council Vice President Paula Schnepp participated in the ceremony. Congratulations and Thank You to the following Employees:

Retired (in order of years of service) Stephen Sundelin (DPW-Structures & Grounds Division) 40 years; Daniel Wood (Administrative Services-Information Systems) 36 years; Thomas Chevalier (Police) 34 years; Richard Norkus (Airport) 34 years; John York (Police) 34 years; Dennis Frankio (Police) 32 years; David Myett (Police) 32 years; Bruce McIntyre (Community Services – Golf) 28 years; Therese Goodearl (Police) 24 years; Anson Moore (Police) 22 years; Deborah McKenna (Community Services- Council on Aging) 19 years; Brian Morecraft (DPW – Solid Waste Division) 19 years; Frank Cox (DPW-Highway Division) 15 years;  Arden Russell (Planning & Development) 12 years; Robin Benjamin (Administrative Services-Assessing) 11 years; Michael Gorenstein (DPW-Water Supply Division) 11 years); Richard Scali (Inspectional Services) 10 years; and Edward O’Neil (Administrative Services-Assessing) 4 years.

5 Years of Service Nicholas Atcheson (Police); Edwin Bowers (Inspectional Services-Building); Nicholas Branton (DPW-Structures & Grounds Division); Anna Brigham (Planning & Development); Patricia Casey (DPW-Structures & Grounds Division); Kelly Crahan (Administrative Services-Town Council); Anthony D’Angelo (Police); Gustavo Eloy (Police); James Gifford (DPW-Solid Waste Division); Golda Hadfield (Inspectional Services); Courtney Harney (Police); David Heise (Police); Erin Hurd (Administrative Services-Human Resources); Kevin O’Neil (DPW-Structures & Grounds Division); John Puzo (DPW-Structures & Grounds Division); Braila Roy (Police); Megan Savage (Administrative Services); Brian Taylor (Marine & Environmental Affairs-Harbormaster Division); and Justin Zacek (DPW-Highway Division). 

10 Years of Service Christopher Botsford (Police); Brenda Coyle (Inspectional Services-Building); Sean Crowell (Community Services-Golf); Jennifer Cullum (Administrative-Town Council); Joshua Dunn (DPW-Structures & Grounds Division); Thomas Edwards (Police); Kevin Fullam (Police); Jessica Rapp Grassetti (Administrative-Town Council); Karen Herrand (Planning & Development); Christopher Holden (DPW-Structures & Grounds Division); Spencer Jackson (Police); Joseph Izzo (Community Services-Recreation); Joseph Keating (DPW-Highway Division); Scott McCarthy (DPW-Structures & Grounds Division); Ann Quirk (Administrative Services-Town Clerk); Christopher Ross (Police); Charles Thompson (Community Services-Golf); and Michael White (DPW-Highway Division).

15 Years of Service Sarah Beal (Administrative Services-Public, Education, and Government TV); Barry Bekeshka (DPW-Highway Division); James DeRosa (DPW-Structures & Grounds Division); Susan Greenlaw (Administrative Services-Town Clerk); Brian Jones (Police); Matthew Marais (DPW-Solid Waste Division); Robert McKechnie (Inspectional Services-Building); Charles McLaughlin (Administrative Services-Legal); Timothy O’Connell (Inspectional Services-Health Division); Daniel Ruth (Police); Douglas Tarr (DPW-Structures & Grounds Division); and Debra Blanchette Watson (Administrative Services-Treasurer/Collector).

20 Years of Service Theresa Boggi (Administrative Services-Treasurer/Collector); Andrew Cormier (DPW-Highway Division); Kevin DeCollibus (Administrative Services-Town Manager’s Office); Jennifer Ellis (Police); Samantha LeDuc (Administrative Services-Treasurer/Collector); Henricus Keijser (DPW-Water Supply Division); Patrick Kelliher (DPW-Solid Waste Division); Kenneth Mattoon (DPW-Highway Division); Donald Peterson (Community Services-Golf); Donna Silva (Police); and David Stanton (Inspectional Services-Health Division).

25 Years of Service James Benoit (Administrative Services-Informational Systems); Ronald Ghetti (Administrative Services-Informational Systems); Peter Gibbs (DPW-Engineering Division); Merry Holway (Community Services-Golf); Joseph Linnell (Community Services-Golf); and Bonny Ross (DPW-Administration).

30 Years of Service Robin Anderson (Inspectional Services-Building) and Susan Atkins (Administrative Services-Human Resources).

35 Years of Service Debra Barrows (Inspectional Services-Building) and Jane Zulkiewicz (Inspectional Services).