The December School Committee Meeting was the first meeting with new School Committee members Peter Goode and Andre King.  Welcome Peter and Andre to the School Committee! 

The meeting started with the Committee voting for Chair and Vice Chair of the School Committee.  Mike Judge and Kathy Bent will continue as Chair and Vice Chair, respectively.  Student Envoys Luci Komar and Sherri Danforth spoke about the Barnstable Rolling Rally Parade that went down Main Street in Hyannis and ended with a pep rally on the Village Green the day before Thanksgiving.  Not only did the Barnstable High School football team and cheerleaders participate in the parade, but many other teams from the high school, students from other Barnstable Schools, and other community members participated as well.  It was a great event for the entire community to enjoy.  On Thanksgiving, the Barnstable High School Football Team defeated Falmouth High School!

Superintendent Mayo-Brown spoke about the state’s mask mandate in public schools continuing through at least January 15, 2022.  In Subcommittee news, the Subcommittee on School Committee Policies added new School Committee member Peter Goode and School Attorney Jane Moynihan to their Subcommittee as members.  They are continuing the process of a complete review of all School Committee Policies with monthly meetings.  The Subcommittee for the Superintendent Search interviewed candidates this past week and will meet next week to discuss and vote on the candidates to move forward as Finalists to the School Committee for site visits and public interviews.  The Town of Barnstable’s Director of Property and Risk Management, Dave Anthony, asked the School Committee to endorse the Town of Barnstable’s Energy Reduction Plan and Green Vehicle Policy as the Town works towards receiving a Green Communities Designation.  The designation would open up grant opportunities for the Town and Schools.  The School Committee will vote on the endorsement at its January 5, 2022 School Committee Meeting.  Barnstable Public Schools hopes everyone has a Happy, Healthy, and Safe Holiday Season!