1/2 hour before and after presentations Resource Tables and “Hidden in Plain Sight” Trailer Tours

Presentations will begin at 6:30 PM

NEW! Sgt. Eugene Desruisseaux

“Hidden in Plain Sight“ – Mock Teen Bedroom will be available for tours. Learn where they are often hidden in the home.


Debra Ciavola, PhD, RN Executive Director of Behavioral Health Services Cape Cod Heathcare

Offers supportive language and ideas for easily translatable terms and phrasing to start productive conversations with your child(ren). Q&A


Barnstable Police School Resource Officer David Downs

Discusses facts about the laws that will impact you and your child if found with substances.

This knowledge will help with the Q&A discussions and prepare you for the challenges ahead if you are faced with the situation.


Barnstable Police School Resource Officer Dennis Stampfl

Shows you what is currently being found amongst our Youth who are using. New products are constantly coming out and parents need to be informed and know what they are looking at.

Know and see what substances are available to your children. Q&A


General Public is Welcome to attend this free event!