MosquitoHouseThe Massachusetts Department of Public Health has identified 12 West Nile virus positive mosquito samples collected in Barnstable, Middlesex and Suffolk Counties.

The populations of mosquito vectors that transmits WNV and EEE are above average and increasing due to intense regional precipitation events and continued warm weather.

Avoid mosquito bites by using EPA approved repellents, appropriate clothing and avoiding peak mosquito activity between dusk and dawn. Remove standing water by emptying containers and tarps.

Check your risk levels throughout the season by visiting the State  interactive website at:

Please review the 2021 MDPH Surveillance and Response Plan for updates to risk levels and risk messaging.

Establish good mosquito avoidance habits now

  • Teach children to be aware of mosquito activity around them and avoid it
  • Pick a repellent with an EPA-approved active ingredient
  • Use long sleeves to cover up when possible
  • Remove standing water to help reduce mosquito populations
  • Repair screens

If you should have any questions, please call us at the Health Division Office at 508 862-4644.

Thomas A. McKean, RS, CHO

Director of Public Health