The Barnstable Town Council has accepted Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 60, Section 3D which allows the Town to establish a fund to defray the real estate taxes of low income elderly and disabled persons. Taxpayers contribute to the fund through a voluntary check off on their real estate tax bills. The funds collected are distributed to needy individuals through an annual award process. To be considered for this annual award, potential recipients need to meet the following eligibility requirements and complete and submit the attached application form.


65 years or older on July 01, 2021


Disabled- Applicant must be receiving benefits from a State or Federal recognized disability entity.  (example: Social Security Administration, Veterans Administration)

Total gross household income shall not exceed $35,000.00 single, or $40,000 married.  Other assets must be less than $40,000. Other Assets are the value of personal property and other real estate excluding domicile. This includes cars, boats, savings and checking accounts.

Gross household income is income earned in the calendar year ending 12/31/20 and should include all income received from all sources by the applicant as well as any additional residents in the household. Please be advised that we refer to the official Town Census Listing to confirm household residents. 

  • Applicant(s) must be the titled owner of the property or hold a life estate in the property on July 01, 2021. If Title is held by a Trust, the applicant must be both a trustee and at least a 50% beneficiary of the trust in order to qualify. The property must be the applicant’s primary residence.
  • Please provide proof of income by attaching copies of all the following that apply:

Social Security Benefits Award letter Bank/Investment Account Statements

IRS Form W-2 IRS Form 1099

Pay Stubs IRS Form 1040


Applications will be accepted through December 17, 2021. Awards will be applied directly to the applicant’s  residential tax bill.

Applications are available at the Barnstable Senior Center, on the Town of Barnstable Website or by calling the Town of Barnstable Treasurer’s office at 508 862 4656